The B-Hub is an innovation space within Birzeit University designed to nurture ideas and creativity and provide an environment which is conducive to creating new businesses or developing existing ones by providing a unique and highly flexible combination of business development processes, people, academia and infrastructure.

The B-Hub serves all potential Palestinian entrepreneurs, whether Birzeit University or other university’s students or graduates, colleges, and vocational schools; as well as owners of existing companies – of any size, operating in any industry, registered or unregistered, and located anywhere in Palestine (including East Jerusalem).

Potential entrepreneurs are provided with a comprehensive and integrated range of support including idea generation, business, production and technological support services, clustering and networking opportunities and incubation space.

Existing companies receive support until they meet target revenues

The B-Hub promotes social and green practices as fundamental and necessary practices for managing the business in local challenging context characterized by unsafe ecology, unequal society, and unfair employment practices.