Faculty & Staff Awards

Each year, Birzeit University recognizes faculty, staff excellence through several awards:

    Birzeit University honors its teaching faculty who have consistently demonstrated outstanding achievements in the areas of teaching and mentoring of students, research and creative endeavors and any other activity that have brought distinction to Birzeit University. 

    • Abdelrahim Mousa- Professor at the Mathematics Department- Faculty of Science(2016/2017)
    • Johnny Stiban- Chairperson of the Department of Biology and Biochemistry-Faculty of Science (2016/2017)
    • Yasid El Rifai- Chairperson of the Architectural Engineering Department (2015/2016)
    • Refa’ Al- Ramahi- Faculty of Education (2014/2015)
    • Tina Rafidi- Teaching Faculty Department of Languages and Translation (2013/ 2014)
    • Grace Khoury- Dean of  Faculty of Business and Economics (2012/ 2013)
    • Khaled AlTakhman, Registrar (2011/ 2012)

    The annual Employee of the Year Award is presented to Birzeit University staff in recognition of and appreciation for their exceptional job performance and distinguished contributions to the campus community.

    The winner receives an award after a competition held between the nominees, based on certain terms and conditions: 

    • Full-time employees are required to apply.
    • All calssified university staff employees, who have been employed with the university for  a minnimum 3 years, may be nominated for the award.
    • Employees must have clean behaviroal record during their service to the University.
    • Nominees must have “Very Good” evaluation records at least for the last three years of their employement.
    • Employees who are committed, can work under pressure, collaborate  with the team and have distinguish contributions to the university are encouraged to apply. 

    Employee of the Year Winners:

    • Asad Toum- Web Master and Technical Coordinator at  Yusuf Ahmed Alghanim Main Library (2017/2018)
    • Manal Shaheen- Assistant Accountant at the Institute of Community and Public Health (2016/2017)
    • Haitham Yaseen- Technical Assistant/ General ٍSafety Section (2015/2016)
    • Munir Saad -Mechnical Engineer (2014/ 2015) 
    • Jamal Tmeizeh- Administrative Assistant at Faculty of Engineering and Technology (2013/ 2014)
    • Ghada Al Omari- Voluntary Work Coordinator (2012/ 2013)
    • Lubna Abdel Hadi- Director of Public Relations Office (2010/ 2011)
    • Khawla Abu Rumeileh, Section Head - ِAdmission Section (2009/2010)