Life at BZU

The student body includes students from all over Palestine. The university is committed to promoting democratic dialogue through educational and cultural activities parallel to the academic education.

As part of its commitment to democratic procedures, the university organizes annual student elections, during which students form a student council consisting of 11 elected members.

To promote the spirit of cooperation and community service, since 1972 the university has incorporated a voluntary work program into graduation requirements for all students, with each student required to complete 120 hours of volunteer work. The university is keen to monitor and apply innovative systems in the implementation of this program.

The university also encourages cultural and art activities as one way of achieving its goals and values. Several campus clubs promote public freedoms and intensify art, literature and science education.

Birzeit University organizes the annual Birzeit Nights, a national festival celebrating the national Palestinian identity among the Palestinian public. The revenues of this activity go to support the student fund at the university.

Birzeit University maintains two parallel paths: the continuous advancement of the academic process, whether by introducing more specializations, or by founding the facilities and buildings required for expansion, and the promotion of a political, literary, artistic and democratic culture among students, through activities that support the academic process.