Would you like to support your family business?

Join our business mentoring team.  With support from the B-Hub professional team you will be able to:  

(i) Support your family business to grow and solve challenges the business may be facing,

(ii) Acquire practical experience in all business fields such as marketing, finance, operations, ICT, etc

Which companies can benefit from our services:

  • Manufacturing companies in any industries (e.g., furniture, packaging materials, bottled water, paper-based goods, stones & marble, toys, technology, etc)
  • Agriculture / farming businesses
  • Service businesses (hotels, cleaning services, ICT, etc)
  • Retail businesses willing to adopt green practices

We work with registered and non-registered companies located anywhere in the West Bank  

How can we help your family business/project:

  • Our team of experts (with you included!) diagnoses the performance of your family business and identify bottlenecks – in all aspects including production or farming, marketing, warehousing, finance management, etc.
  • You would partake in collecting the market data upon which decisions on market performance and trends will be taken.
  • We will jointly analyze the data and find the best solutions for any business bottlenecks or prospects for growth
  • We will support your family business adopt these solutions. This  might include optimizing production process, enhancement of the inventory management, development of marketing plans, campaigns and material; development of new formulas and designs for products; restructuring and incorporating family business; building bookkeeping systems, etc.
  • If your family business needs a business plan to apply for a bank loan or investment, we will help you develop a professional plan that meets the standards of any local financing institutions

Free of charge