Life Long Education

Birzeit University believes in the notion “Education for Life,” or continuing education that seeks to provide equal opportunities for all, regardless of age or educational background or level. The continuing education mission will enable everyone to learn and build their knowledge in different disciplines.

The university works in collaboration with other institutions, the public and private sectors, and ministries to overcome all obstacles that might prevent anyone from continuing an education. Therefore, Birzeit University offers different short-term and long-term training opportunities, in addition to special professional diplomas that cover a wide range of topics. 

The Continuing Education Unit, as one of the units of the office of the Vice President for Community Affairs, serves as a community service arm and supervises the diploma programs, including admission and registration procedures; diploma fees; and certificate issuance according to the professional diploma instructions and the university’s laws and regulations.

The Continuing Education Unit is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Supervising technical and logistical aspects of developing new diploma programs, until they are accredited by the University Council;
  • Following up on the special laws and regulations related to professional diplomas offered by the university’s centers, institutes and faculties;
  • Following up on the implementation of the professional diplomas’ laws and regulations offered by the university’s centers, institutes and faculties;
  • Following up on issuing and ratifying the certificates of the professional diplomas’ graduates.

The unit’s team is comprised of representatives from the university’s institutes, centers, and faculties that usually offers professional diplomas, and are:

  • Mahmoud Awad, the Office of the Vice President for Community Affairs (Unit Coordinator)
  • Rania Abdel Qader, Center of Continuing Education
  • Suhaila Abdel Latif- Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute of International Studies
  • Ashraf Siam, Faculty of Law and Public Administration
  • Ala' Hammad, Institute of Law