Mentoring Opportunities to Faculty,Students and Unemployed fresh graduates 

Consultancy, Research and Experience Obtaining Opportunity for Faculty, Students, and Unemployed Fresh Graduates 

B-Hub @ BZU is designed to provide students/Unemployed Fresh Graduates  with practical experience through solving issues facing local companies and communities.
The approach is based on forming teams from faculty members and students/Unemployed Fresh Graduates and matchmaking the teams with companies applied to the B-Hub services with requests to solve specific issues.

A faculty member acts as a supervisor for a students/Unemployed Fresh Graduates team and is responsible for the quality of services provided to the companies.
The B-Hub engages students/Unemployed Fresh Graduates from all faculties and disciplines: chemists will develop formulas for products, engineers will design plants, programmers will automate production, while linguists and journalists will write promotional texts for companies!
The companies served by the B-Hub locate throughout the West Bank. The B-Hub provides the transportation and covers the full cost of transportation to and from the companies sites. In addition, the students – mentors will be paid the cost of meals during the fieldwork.

students/Unemployed Fresh Graduates – mentors will obtain certificates of experience from the B-Hub that will boost their chances for employment.
students/Unemployed Fresh Graduates also will be able to find ideas for their own entrepreneurship projects – remember, somebody’s problem is your business opportunity!
students/Unemployed Fresh Graduates also have an opportunity to enhance performance of their parents’ businesses!
Contracting arrangements with the faculty members are according to the BZU policies and procedures.

How to join the B-Hub:
List of companies that applied to the B-Hub services is avalable by the B-Hub Managment, and can be provided upon request
Supervisors and technical experts are invited to apply through this form 
students/Unemployed Fresh Graduates are invited to apply through this form
Teams are formed on a competitive basis: students applied first will be selected as team members – given they are studying the required specialty.

For any questions, please call 02-298 48 12 or email [email protected]


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