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2020-2021 Student Admission

Bachelor of Design
The BA in design is a practice based interdisciplinary program that is shaped by experimentation, innovation, creativity, criticality and making. Students are driven and challenged to find and develop their independent design approaches and thinking by conceptualizing, exploring and creating their own work and projects
Master of Oncology Nursing
preparing specialized committed nurses who are able to provide holistic and advanced nursing care for patients with cancer, and their families and communities. Our graduates will be able to pursuit various professional nursing roles as clinicians, researcher, managers, or educators.
Volunteer & Community Service
Our flagship program giving students the opportunity to make a difference to their surrounding and gain invaluable experiences and exchanges
Right to Education Campaign
Founded in 1988 by BZU community to expose the violations of human rights and obstruction to education by the illegal Israeli Occupation.

Research & Projects

Ranging from basic and applied research to capacity development and curricular reform in collaboration with local, regional and international partners

New paper tackles possible responses in the aftermath of coronavirus state of emergency

By Asem Khalil and Rashad Twam

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