Join the Business Mentors Students Team

Who can become a business mentor?

  • Students studying business, economics, engineering, ICT, sciences – at undergraduate and graduate programs; priority will be given to students successfully completed the Research, Data Analysis, and Problem Solving Algorithms training workshop and recommended by the trainers.
  • Unemployed fresh graduates.

  • Students studying at any BZU faculties, who are willing to become business mentors for their parents’ businesses

Why to join our team?

  • You will get insights on different local industries
  • You will understand how local companies are operated and will learn how to analyse their performance in all business aspects
  • You will obtain practical experience in marketing, business planning, financial analysis, production management and many many other fields
  • You will establish business and professional connections that will help you find a job
  • You will be able to use your student volunteer hours to develop yourself professionally and service the society at the same time
  • Remember: Innovators are able to find opportunities in common problems! Through analysing bottlenecks faced by different companies, you will have many chances to develop your own ideas for your own business! 

How it works?

  • With our team of mentors, you will visit companies and collect data on their performance through interviews and observations
  • You will help companies in collecting market data
  • You will participate with multi-disciplinary teams in the analysis of data and development of the solutions

You will be required to complete an assignment with at least one company in a satisfactory manner

The Business Incubator will cover the transportation expenses for visits to the companies’ business sites