Community Affairs

The university has always been dedicated to serving the community through different initiatives, and studies contributions that focus on marginalized sectors. It believes in the importance of integrating with the local community, and forming local and international partnerships that promote knowledge exchange, openness, and diversity.

Since the seventies, Birzeit University, through its 11 community institutes and centers, has strived to build an environment that supports innovation and social entrepreneurship inside and outside its campus.

The university’s community-oriented programs have developed creative solutions for critical societal issues, and worked on implementing policies and inclusive institutional procedures for a better participation in the community and its bodies, by offering theoretical and practical research, conducting training and workshops, hosting postgraduate programs and diplomas, and supporting innovative programs.

The university’s institutes and centers work under the supervision of the Office of the Vice President for Community Affairs. They  engage in wide range of disciplines, including continuing education, community and public health, media, legislative reforms, gender, water and environmental issues, and others.