Do you want to grow your existing company/project?

What we will do:

  • We will help your company maximize revenues and minimize operational expenses.
  • We will help your company overcome operational, financial or other business related challenges and support it grow to new markets   

Which companies can benefit from our services:

  • Manufacturing companies in any industries (e.g., furniture, packaging materials, bottled water, paper-based goods, stones & marble, toys, technology, etc)
  • Agriculture / farming businesses
  • Service businesses (hotels, cleaning services, ICT, etc)
  • Retail businesses willing to adopt green practices

We work with registered and non-registered companies located anywhere in the West Bank  

How can we support your company/project:

  • Our team of experts will diagnose the performance of your company and identify bottlenecks – in all aspects including production or farming, marketing, warehousing, finance management, etc.
  • We will help you collect the market data so that you will take your decisions based on the market performance and trends.
  • Together we will find the best solutions for your bottlenecks
  • We will work with you in implementing these solutions. These might include optimizing production process, enhancement of the inventory management, development of marketing plans, campaigns and material; development of new formulas and designs for products; restructuring and incorporating family business; building bookkeeping systems, etc.
  • If you need a business plan to apply for a bank loan or investment, we will help you develop a professional plan that meets the standards of any local financing institutions such as banks, micro-finance organizations, and venture capitals.  

 How it works?

Any company employing less than 6 workers is eligible to benefit from our services free of charge