Do you have an idea that you want to turn into a business?

Apply to our B-Hub and we will work with you to:

  • Structure your business idea: Idea that will have a market demand
  • Assess the feasibility of your idea: we will help you understand the market, in which your potential business will operate, and analyse your product / service competitiveness in this market and ability to generate adequate profits.
  • Design a product / service that best fits your customers’ needs and wishes
  • Develop a product prototype: We will help you develop a first physical model for your product. A prototype will provide a functioning proof of concept that will significantly increase your chances in attracting potential investors. Access to workshops, technical labs and technical support will be provided through the B-Hub, and full or partial funding may be available to build the prototype (through EU support). 
  • Develop a marketing strategy: We will help you position your product / service in the market and design the “best” price for it; and build the optimal path for your products to reach your customers.  
  • Develop a business plan that is ready for implementation and able to attract potential investors or financiers
  • Secure the required funding:  We will help you find potential investors or other financiers such as banks or micro-credit programs to secure the needed funds at the best terms for you
  • Assist in setting up your business including equipment procurement, price negotiations, equipment and machinery installations, and monitoring your market during the first most critical months of operations.
  • Patent registration for your inventions where you want to protect your intellectual rights and consider selling your innovation to big companies.  This includes registration and calculation of the patent costs.  
  • Product / service prototype.
  • Business model including clear definition of your customers, market, cost, and revenues and how to make your customers buy your product and pay desirable price which will generate you a desirable profit.
  • Accurate financial analysis of your idea’s feasibility (we will save your money!).
  • Experience.
  • Matchmaking with financiers.
  • Your own startup.
  • Registration for patent for your technical innovation

ANY! Come along and talk to us.  If you think it’s a good idea, we will work with you on it all the way.

If the idea needs technical expertise that you do not have, we will guide you on how to best obtain it and will team you up with the best technical experts.

You are highly welcomed with your parents, friends, and other partners!