New Course on economic journalism supported by Palestine Investment Fund

Birzeit University and the Palestine Investment Fund agreed on April 9, 2019, to collaborate in developing a new course that teaches economic journalism. The course will be developed by the university’s president Abdullatif Abuhijleh and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Palestine Investment Fund Mohammad Mustafa.

The Palestine Investment Fund, according to the agreement, will fund the design and implementation of the course through the Palestine for Development Foundation, the fund’s investment arm. The course’s syllabus will be developed by the Media Development Center and will be taught at 16 Palestinian universities and four media faculties.

President Abuhijleh expressed his pride in the solid relationship between the university and the fund, emphasizing the importance of cooperation between the public and private sectors and academic institutions in Palestine, asserting that “Working together, we can build up Palestine’s institutions and contribute to sustainable economic development.”

Abuhijleh pointed out that this course in economic journalism is unique and the first of its kind in Palestine. According to Abuhijleh, the knowledge students will gain in this course can help them, as journalist, exercise an advantage and will enable them to contribute to the distant ideal of economic welfare and political honesty.  

Mustafa emphasized the course’s importance and contribution to the social and economic development of Palestine, saying, “It’s vital, when working with young journalists, to combine the principle of social sustainability with economic development. We must provide a holistic perspective of Palestine’s needs to achieve sustainability amidst the challenges that our national economy faces in Palestine.”

The new course aims to build the professional skills of students who are specializing in media in the economic and business fields, enabling them to make a positive contribution to economic institutions and development in Palestine.