Supreme Court judge explains role of Court of Cassation within civil courts

The Master’s Program in Law at the Faculty of Law and Public Administration hosted Iman Naser Al-Deen, a judge at the Palestinian Supreme Court, as part of the course “Origins of Trials in Civil and Commercial Articles” on November 27, 2019.

Khaled Talahma, the instructor of the course and an associate professor of law, introduced Naser Al-Deen’s distinguished role and the uniqueness of her law career, considering that she is the first Palestinian woman to occupy a juridical position since the 1980s.

Naser Al-Deen discussed various details regarding the Palestinian Court of Cassation, such as the process of how the court was created, the role of its judges, and final judgements appealable in cassation. She covered the traditional role of the court and explained  its current function as a trial court for specific cases in accordance with the law.

Naser Al-Deen touched upon the third paragraph of the Palestinian Civil and Commercial Laws, explaining the specialties of the Court of Cassation and the reasons why a final judgement in a cassation case may be appealed, in accordance with articles 225 and 226. She also highlighted the distinction between judgements that are issued based on these two articles, elaborated on the procedures required for appeals in cassation, and explained how the decisions issued by the court are implemented.