About the Faculty of Law and Public Administration

The Faculty of Law and Public Administration at Birzeit University was established in 2004 as a response to the growing need for public affairs professionals.

Skilled staff continues to be in demand in law and judiciary (judiciary, public prosecution, law practice, and legal consulting), government (central administration, independent commissions, and local government), the administrations of non-profit civic organizations, and positions researching and analyzing political affairs.

In order to prepare its students to meet job market demands, the faculty has adopted curricula and techniques that develop academic competences and practical skills, and prepare students for the difficult Palestinian reality. The faculty thus advances the mission of the university and its focus on knowledge diversification, the development of critical thinking, and practical training for alumni. The center works closely with public organizations, law firms, and civil society organizations to integrate training and weekly follow-ups.

The Faculty of Law and Public Administration also partners with many international universities and educational institutions in support of the Birzeit University vision. The faculty encourages professors and students to participate in exchange teaching, research programs, and scientific conferences. Every semester, the faculty’s professors and students participate in international competitions and events in Law, Political Science and Public Administration.

The Faculty of Law and Public Administration sponsors frequent public lectures, workshops, roundtable discussions and national and symbolic ceremonies among its many activities disseminating knowledge in order to serve Palestinian society and local communities. In addition, knowledgeable and experienced faculty staff members advise governmental agencies, civil society and private organizations.

The Birzeit School of Government was established to build qualified entrepreneurial leaders able to adopt a role reforming and advancing the public sector. The school seeks to enhance skills, knowledge and practical skills in leadership, scientific research, analysis and planning among public and private sector employees, especially those employed in institutions that provide services in good governance, public sector surveillance and policy design. The Academy for Local Governance seeks to implement professional training programs targeting the members and staff of local councils.