Students receive white coats in special ceremony, hooded as doctors of pharmacy

Seventy-five doctors of pharmacy students from Birzeit University donned their white coats before family and professors on May 14, 2022, for the White Coat Ceremony organized by the Faculty of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Professions.

Attending the White Coat Ceremony were the university’s vice president for Planning and Development Dr. Rana Khatib, dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Professions Dr. Rania Abu Hamdah and chair of the Department of Pharmacy Dr. Abdallah Rabba.

Congratulating the students on wearing their white coats, Abu Hamdah said that this celebration marks the beginning of their journey as health champions for their community. The students, according to Abu Hamdah, will start their practical training in Palestinian pharmacies for eight weeks.

Abu Hamdah outlined the students’ training schedule, which includes the pharmacy practical training, followed by another eight weeks in hospital pharmacies and four weeks of clinical training in different hospital sections.

Rabba told the students to always be giving and helpful, and to commit to the ethics of their profession. “You are now responsible of your patients’ health. Never forget to always maintain the highest principles of morals and ethics,” commented Rabba.

Valedictorian Leen Abu Musharaf delivered a speech on behalf of her fellow students, emphasizing their commitment and dedication to their patients.

At the end of the ceremony, the students recited the oath of commitment, asserting their dedication and passion for the profession.