Legal encounter on financial leasing sector in Palestine

Birzeit University’s Faculty of Law and Public Administration held a legal encounter on November 12, 2019, to discuss the prospects of developing the financial leasing sector and address the challenges such efforts are facing with Palestine. The encounter featured Lina Ghabeesh, the general manager the Mortgage Finance and Financial Leasing Directorate at Palestine Capital Market Authority (PCMA), and Amjad Qabha, the head of PMCA’s Legal Affairs Department.

The legal encounter is part of a lecture series held by the Master’s program of Law and Economics.

Amir Khalil, an assistant professor of law and the encounter’s facilitator, gave an overview of the definition and importance of the financial leasing sector in Palestine.

Ghabeesh explained that financial leasing is a modern financial instrument, and an important tool to push the economic development process forward. She alluded to PCMA’s role in supporting the sector, especially small and medium-sized industrial enterprises.

Qabha talked about Law No. (6) of 2014 that governs financial leasing agreements and defines the rights and obligations of the parties involved in such transactions.