Letter of solidarity from the Palestinian universities to the NSJP the Palestine solidarity movement at the US universities

Letter from Palestinian Universities to students and faculty in Gaza Solidarity Encampments in US academic institutions

In a moment of great darkness, your protests erupt and give hope for humanity that justice is not an abstract concept but a continuous struggle that connects us all. Your values are emancipating the university from structural racism and complicity with power and colonialism.

The situation in Palestine has reached increased genocidal levels, marked by the mass targeting of Palestinian life by killing and displacement; the destroying of social, cultural, and all educational institutions; and the aim to reduce Palestinians to bare life with no political and collective future. You are leaders in the call for justice with your bodies on your university campuses and in the streets, speaking truth and justice loud and clear. You stand for the courage that is needed to take action strongly for justice and freedom and determinedly against systems of genocide and racism. We know the risks you are taking in face of the repressive measures that are taken against university spaces built on challenging the powers benefitting from silence.

At a time when the voices of the oppressed are intentionally silenced, your solidarity serves as a beacon of hope. Your actions are a resounding message that injustice and oppression will not be tolerated.

We draw inspiration from the courage of those who refuse and resist the continuing injustices of settler colonialism and military occupation. We welcome you at our universities in a liberated Palestine.


Presidents of Palestinian Universities
Prof. Omar Melad - President of Al-Azhar University of Gaza
Prof. Kamalin Shaath - President of Islamic University of Gaza
Prof. Hasan Abu Jarad - President of Gaza University
Prof. Ayman Soboh - President of Al-Aqsa University
Prof. Mustafa Abusafa - President of Palestine Polytechnic University
Prof. Samer Najde - President of Al-Quds Open University
Prof. Abdel Khaleq Alfaraa - President of Al-Israa University
Prof. Jaber Alda'or - President of University of Palestine
Prof. Abdelnaser Zied - President of An-Najah National University
Prof. Talal Shahwan - President of Birzeit University
Prof. Raghad Dwiek - President of Hebron University
Prof. Imad Abu Kishek - President of Al-Quds University
Prof. Ali Abuzuhre - President of Arab American University
Prof. lyad Twal - President of Bethlehem University
Prof. Husein Shanak - President of Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie
Prof. Nour Aldeen Abu Aroub - President of University of Al Istiklal
Prof. Imad Alzeer - President of Palestine Ahliya University
Prof. Dawod Zataree - President of Al-Zaytoonah University of Science and Technology
Prof. Matre Alraheb - President of Dar Al Kalema University
Prof. Derar Alayan - President of Nablus University for Vocational & Technical Education