Law students win eighth place in Nuremberg Moot Court 2020

A team of Birzeit University law students placed eighth in the Nuremberg Moot Court 2020, held in Germany. The university’s team was the only Arab team to be recognized among the 12 top-ranking universities. 

The Nuremberg Moot Court is an international event held in English in Nuremberg, Germany. In 2020, 65 teams from all over the world participated and argued a fictitious case before the “International Criminal Court” during the three-day competition.

The team of students from the Department of Law at Birzeit University’s Faculty of Law and Public Administration included Aya Aweidah, Elia Abuhijleh, Diala Abu Gharbiyeh and Ruba Siraj. They were trained by law instructor Milena Ansari and her assistant Hajer Sbaih.

The Nuremberg Moot Court competition tests the students’ oral and written legal argumentation and presentation skills. Due to the COVID-19 global lockdown, this year’s contest assessed the students’ written skills in argumentation from the position of both the prosecution and the defense.

Hala Shoaibi, chairperson of the department of law, expressed her pride in the performance of the students and their trainers.

“During these challenging times and even though the university has been locked down, the students have shown great dedication and commitment,” she said. “They have proven that they are able to excel and stand out in written legal argumentation at the international level.”


The Department of Law regularly participates in international moot court competitions, with commendable results. In 2019, a team of law students placed second at the Nuremberg Moot Court.