Conference on Entrepreneurship: Policies and Prospects in Occupied Palestine

Stemming from Birzeit University’s belief that young entrepreneurs are the drivers of social change and economic growth

BZU has recently initiated two significant programs (B-Hub and Palestine-India Techno Park) aimed at fostering young entrepreneurs. The purpose of such programs is not only to ensure more efficient utilization of resources, but also to expand the boundaries of economic activity. Moreover, encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset among youth is becoming more and more an integral and important part of their education. However, such initiatives are not sufficient for entrepreneurship to make strong contributions towards the Palestinian socio-political and economic sphere.

A comprehensive framework is needed, in which policy-makers, community-based organizations and educational institutions come together in their recognition that entrepreneurship is a critical ingredient -  one that ensures the development of societies (not only economically but also socially and culturally), as well as facilitates social cohesion tied to personal freedom and empowerment for marginalized members of the society.