Being of practical and theoretical nature, the conference reaffirms entrepreneurship as a practice-based activity, hence, it will include hands-on experiences of actual entrepreneurial endeavors.

Purposes of the conference:

  • Showcasing and sharing cutting-edge knowledge on entrepreneurship, both at the theoretical and practical levels, that would help enhance our understanding of the potentialities and/or prospects of entrepreneurship in the Palestinian context.
  • Bringing to light the obstacles and challenges that limit the entrepreneurial phenomenon and to highlight policy initiatives that could help entrepreneurs realize their potential and facilitate the entrepreneurial process.

The conference program will cover two important topics, which are thought to be of high relevance to Palestinians:

1. Social/Green and cultural entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurs and social enterprise

Social entrepreneurship creates social value. This session attempts to distinguish between commercial and social entrepreneurship by understanding the goals, methods and outcomes of a social enterprise. What is the mission and purpose social entrepreneurs adopt? What type of opportunities they identify and type of resources they mobilize? and how they go about measuring their performance?  

2. Women Entrepreneurship: importance, challenges, and outcomes

This session will focus on discussing the significance of encouraging different forms of women entrepreneurship (e.g., home-based enterprise, women in technology) and what framework of policies should be put in place, including government, business and civil society initiatives. Participants will introduce broad ideas that support the social and economic development as a result of actively engaging women entrepreneurs