Politics of Contemporary Art Practices and Cultural Production Conference

Birzeit University Museum and the Contemporary Visual Art Program at Birzeit University are organising a one-day conference addressing the politics of contemporary art practices and cultural production in Palestine through examining their association with the changing local, regional and global socio-economic edifices and networks.  The conference aims at probing cultural institutions as structures of agency and mediation playing key roles in the processes of production, presentation, circulation and consumption of art inasmuch as in directing and validating the language, tools and thematic content of art socially, intellectually and creatively.This important conference is in collaboration with Birmingham City University and Erasmus +, and  the curator is Mrs.Rawan Sharaf.

The conference brings together Palestinian and international scholars, academics and practitioners to present papers and engage in discussion reflecting the rapidly shifting regional and global structures and addressing aspects of institutional agency, socio-cultural structures, neo-liberal economies, colonial structures and the global cultural economy. 

Confirmed contributors: Mahmoud AbuHashhash, Yazid Anani, Rana Barakat, Anthony Downey, Reema Hamami, Johnathan Harris, Nuha Khoury, Jack Persekian, Faris Shomali, Vera Tamari, Fida Touma, Hisham Nafaa, in addition to other contributors. 

Learn more about our main speakers, and their research papers.