Workshop Explores Gaps in Media Coverage of Women’s Murder

The Birzeit University Media Development Center in partnership with the Women's Affairs Technical Committee and the ethics committee of the Press Syndicate organized a May 17, 2014 workshop on press coverage of the murder of women, which has increased in recent years.

Speakers recommended the preparation of a code of conduct for journalist reference when covering issues related to violence, particularly violence against women. Such a code was included in the center’s strategic plan for its Gender Unit.

The workshop also discussed errors made by reporters covering the news of women’s killings in not hiding the names of the victims, which allows anonymity in the community.

Participants pointed to the absence of laws and legislation that protect women, thus providing excuses for murderers under the pretext that their honor has been harmed, or that they are mentally ill, or were drunk at the time of carrying out the crim.

Participants also criticized the absence of direct government intervention and the development of policies that protect women in light of the growing numbers of homicides. Participants called for activating the judiciary, ministries of jurisdiction, civil society organizations, and women's organizations.

Speakers expressed grave concern about the decline of news coverage and increasing violence against women, which necessitates the need for comprehensive moves to stop this kind of crime.

Moreover, participants called upon the local media to adopt new editorial policies and introduce gender issues as part of the news, articles, reports, stories and photos to ensure balanced media coverage.