University Administration Opens Dialogue with Top Students

On February 18, 2013, Birzeit University’s President Khalil Hindi and Vice President for Academic Affairs Adnan Yahya met with the top students in all faculties to discuss students’ academic concerns.
VP Yahya first welcomed the students, emphasizing that they form the academic backbone of the university and that their views and visions are valued by the administration.
President Hindi expressed his joy in meeting with the students, saying that BZU has always attracted outstanding students in part because the university is proud of them and seeks to provide them with support. He emphasized that university life is not only a grade point average, but rather a platform for developing talent, leadership and social skills.
The students then shared their problems, aspirations and suggestions, discussing teaching staff, the academic system and educational pedagogy. They said they saw a need to breathe new life into student clubs and start specialized ones alongside other extracurricular activities that encourage students to conduct scientific research and participate in volunteer work.
The students thanked the university administration for the fruitful meeting, hoping that their views would be taken into consideration. The BZU officials in turn promised to hold additional regular meetings to follow up on the issues discussed.