Birzeit University and the Palestinian Students Scholarship Fund Discuss Means of Further Cooperation 

Monday, May 13, 2024 - A delegation from the Palestinian Students Scholarship Fund (PSSF), a US-based Palestinian American founded non-profit, visited Birzeit University(BZU) on Thursday, May 11. The PSSF President Ali Ata, alongside other members, met with President Dr. Talal Shahwan, Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Wael Hashlamoun, and Vice President for Advancement Dr. Yaser Amouri to discuss enhancing cooperation. Dr. Shahwan commented on the pivotal role of the PSSF in supporting the education of Palestinians by providing scholarships for BA and MA students at Palestinian universities.

Dr. Shahwan highlighted the national role and perseverance of Palestinian universities, despite the targeted attacks, raids, imprisonment of students and employees, and closures by the Israeli regime. He elaborated on the BZU launched “Rebuilding Hope” initiative working with Gaza universities, and the start of online teaching for Gaza students on May 9, 2024.  

Mr. Ata praised BZU’s leading academic and social role, and reaffirmed the strategic relation between the PSSF and BZU in the main form of alleviating economic hardship costs for students. Mr. Ata explained the PSSF initiative to support education in Gaza in cooperation with a number of Palestinian universities, and the importance of such initiatives in the midst of the brutal attack on higher education institutions in the Gaza Strip.

The PSSF was founded in the U.S. in 2017 by a group of Palestinian Americans in Chicago,Illinois with the aim to support the education of Palestinians by providing scholarships to Palestinian students in Palestinian universities, to reduce the financial burden from students and their families, and to aid the Palestinian economy through the sponsoring of strong graduates into the job market.