Academic Boycott & Divestment: Universities, Institutions, and Students for Gaza

Several universities, student bodies, and academic unions worldwide have issued statements in solidarity with Palestine in the last two weeks. These statements that demand the boycott and divestment from all that is Israeli are a live example of the importance of academic liberty, integrity, and justice.

The institutions are The Evergreen State College- Washington US, The Amherst University Faculty Union- Massachusetts US, The Workers & Scholars in the University of Sydney- Australia, The Board of the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities, The University of Barcelona- Spain, and The Student Camp for Palestine in The University of Sao Paulo- Brazil. These are the recent ones among many others that have shown solidarity since the start of the genocide in Gaza.

The statements all reject and condemn the actions of the Israeli occupation army in Gaza; its killing, destruction, and demolition. Some of them call for cutting all ties with any Israeli institution for their support of the genocide, while others have already announced doing that.

Your voices are heard and appreciated from Birzeit University, and we stand together in this struggle for freedom.

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