Symposium Explores the Relationship between Radio and Public Issues

 On November 14, 2017, the Department of Public Administration in the Faculty of Law held a symposium discussing the importance of broadcast media in shedding light on the problems and issues affecting Palestinian society.

The symposium featured three prominent Palestinian radio talk show hosts whose shows highlight the everyday matters of Palestinians and the injustices that they face.

The Dean of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration, Dr. Yaser Amouri, highlighted, in his introductory remarks, the relevance of broadcast media in the age of the internet, “Media, as means of communication, is the information lifeline of the modern society; it is the main connection among citizens themselves and between them and government officials.”

“Broadcast media,” Dr. Amouri further stated, “is still essential in this age of information, and what is even more important is media development, which guides and improves on the development process in order to build a modern, contemporary society.”

The Chairperson of the Department of Public Administration, Mayyada Badawi, noted the role of broadcast media as a lighthouse of information to the citizens, “Media in general, and broadcast media specifically, stands a guardian of the citizens’ right to access information, throwing light on the issues and difficulties of ordinary Palestinian citizens. Media is the Fourth Estate; it holds the power to monitor and report on the inner workings of the government and the society, and we should facilitate that power to ensure we live in a democratic, modern society.”

The symposium hosted journalist and radio talk show host at Ajyal Network, Fathi Al-Barqawi, who discussed media politics and their part in facilitating the role of media as the fourth power in society; journalist, Editor-in-Chief of Al Safeer Al Iqtisadi newspaper, and talk show host at Raya Media Network  Talaat Alawi, who discussed broadcast media’s role in exposing corruption; and Editor-in-Chief and talk show host at 24 FM radio Ehab Al-Jariri, who reviewed freedom of thought and speech within the context of discussion of public issues on broadcast media.

The Acting Chairperson of the Media Department, Jumane Qunnaisse, facilitated the discussion between the panelists and the students, and remarked, “The issues that the event is dealing with today are multifaceted and multidisciplinary; therefore, we’ve invited not only media students and staff, but also students from the Faculty of Law and Public Administration.”

“Broadcast media, with its vast reach and popularity, has the ability to highlight and bring attention to the pressing problems and issues affecting our Palestinian community. It facilitates discussion and pushes everyone involved to take action,” added Qunnaisse.