Speech Clinic, HearCare to offer hearing aid devices for children with hearing impairment

The Audiology and Speech Therapy Clinic at Birzeit University has helped put on hearing aid for 55 underprivileged children, together with HearCare Connection — an American nonprofit organization focused on providing hearing healthcare for disadvantaged children and adults — and the UNRWA’s Disability Programme.

The hearing aid devices, donated by HearCare Connection and put on by a team of seven hearing specialists from the organization, were offered to disadvantaged children who cannot afford to purchase hearing aid devices or seek hearing specialist guidance.

Thair Odeh, chair of the Audiology and Speech Therapy Department, said the clinic offers various diagnostic services related to hearing and speech impediments, noting that the students are engaged within the clinic’s efforts under the department’s training courses.

The clinic focuses on identifying and treating congenital and acquired speech and hearing disabilities, such as speech impediments, language disorders, stuttering, hearing loss, and aphasia.

Randa Mansour-Shousher, an audiologist who works with HearCare Connection, said the organization is continuing its efforts to help underprivileged people with hearing impediments, noting that HearCare Connection has previously helped Palestinians and Syrians living in refugee camps in Jordan, and now it is offering hearing healthcare to Palestinians living in refugee camps in the West Bank.

“It is truly heartwarming to see the children’s reaction when they clearly hear their parents,” commented Mansour-Shousher. “Through our work, we try to help raise the quality of life of marginalized groups.”