Speaker Shares Strategies on Interdisciplinary Learning

University of Salford’s Dean of Students Sam Grogan shared on May 25, 2016, means, modes and examples for enhancing students entrepreneurial leadership skills through interactive learning and industry partnerships.

Speaking at the invitation of the Office of Planning and Development and in cooperation with the British Council, Grogan explored issues aligned to principles of co-creative curriculum design, and connected to the development of a teaching, learning and pedagogical practice.

Grogan assured that universities need to reconsider the ways by which their academic offer is designed and delivered. “Real-world is a brilliant tutor. Universities have to start thinking about building partnerships with the industrial sector and focus more on practical teaching methods rather than theoretical ones.”

Presenting existing examples of practice employed across the University of Salford, Grogan stated that the university is currently developing interdisciplinary approaches in teaching by pioneering exceptional industry partnerships. According to Grogan, these collaborations will “lead the way in real world experiences preparing students for life.”

At the end of the lecture, a productive discussion with the attendees took place, where they agreed on the importance of designing a curriculum that is more action-oriented, experientially based and includes interactional models.