Runners Cross Birzeit in Pursuit of Education

On the morning of November 4, Two Thousands of sweaty runners of all ages, genders, shapes and speeds raced for education up and down the hills of the town of Birzeit.

The marathon, organized by Birzeit University Friends' Association, was a sports fundraiser organized to support need-based scholarships for Birzeit University students.

The whistle blew at 9 a.m., and the sneakered masses flooded Main Street of Birzeit. Funds raised through the event will support the Students' Fund.

The look on the runners' tired faces was unique: energetic participants packed together with a good chunk of mental bandwidth to process the many sights and sounds. Students of Birzeit University were especially enthusiastic to cross the finish line, as the Student Association had announced that the first eight students – four males and four females – would be awarded full scholarships to study at the university.

The course was four to five kilometers long, and some described it as a "mini-marathon." However, it wasn't the physical challenge or athleticism that kept everyone running. Events like these make a huge difference in building a fund to support students in need. Small contributions, multiplied by thousands, make a clear difference in educational opportunities.

The community of Birzeit University believes that joined hands will help the rest of Palestine grow. The university believes that if students are not assisted in continuing their education today, tomorrow there will be no educated leaders, teachers, or employees.