Public Administration Department participates in water governance workshop

On November 13, 2018, Public Administration faculty member Ayman Zarou and student Narmeen Odeh participated in a workshop held by the Water Sector Regulatory Council on assessing the level of integrity among water and sanitation suppliers.

The workshop discussed the possibility of designing a draft guidebook offering possible means and tools for assessing and evaluating the governance of water supply and sanitation services.

The workshop also discussed a survey tackling the legal framework that regulates water supply in Palestine; the institutional framework for the water sector; and the commitment of water providers to the standards of integrity, transparency, accountability, effectiveness, and responsiveness. The study also highlighted success stories about governance in the water sector.

During the workshop, the participants discussed the main results of the survey, which included the importance of issuing a law that regulates the water sector; enhancing the level of integrity and transparency among the services providers; and endorsing standards for guaranteeing the commitment to transparent and integrated practices.

Birzeit University's team agreed with the CEO of the Water Sector Regulatory Council, Mohammad Al Hamaidi, to provide access to the council’s databases, giving the opportunity for the university's students and other researchers to take advantage of their resources related to water governance.