Practical training for students of the Faculty of Engineering – a Workshop organized by the Faculty of Engineering at BZU

 The Faculty of Engineering at BZU held on.18 January 2011 a workshop entitled: "Practical training for students of the Faculty of Engineering", sponsored by Arabtec Jardaneh Company, attended by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Adnan Yahya, and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Afif Hassan, in which representatives of a number of Palestinian universities, engineering firms, union of engineers, as well as professors and graduates and students of the Faculty have participated. 

In his opening address, Dr. Adnan Yahya, emphasized the importance of establishing a close relationship between academia and industry and the need for cooperation between them, in addition to the need to train faculty students in various local industrial companies as a vital part of the Faculty's academic plans, considering that the industrial companies have the practical experience and ability to carry on extracurricular activities. He explained that the Faculty's teachers have an excellent experience and the ability to conduct research, as well as creative students, calling upon companies to undertake a special effort to embrace the students through qualitative training opportunities within the long-term plans ..

As one of the supervisors of practical training at the Faculty of Engineering during the past five years, Dr. Afif Hasan addressed the difficulties faced by the Faculty and its students to find places to be trained at. He stated: what pushed the Faculty to hold this workshop, hoping to have  a platform or venue for the exchange of views and  solve problems encountering students' practical training.

The workshop aimed at developing the training process of students of engineering faculties at Palestinian universities, by overviewing the experiences of practical training by the faculties of engineering on one hand, and by the engineering offices and companies on the other hand.  Then, to conduct a discussion about the training components of training programs, follow-up and evaluation and come out with recommendations