New study on Palestinian prison literature by Birzeit professor published in Spanish

Idearabia, a prominent Spanish magazine focused on scholarly works related to the culture of the Arab and Islamic worlds, has recently translated and published a study on Palestinian prison literature by Birzeit University’s Arabic literature professor Dr. Ibrahim Mousa.

Published in the magazine’s sixteenth volume of 2021, the study, “Palestinian literature in the face of Israeli occupation,” is a reflection on the experiences of three Palestinian writers in highlighting the Israeli occupation’s systematic detention and murder of Palestinians.

In the study, Mousa shows how the humanitarian literature written by these writers overflows with sorrow and affliction, imbued with sweat and blood. In a sense similar to what Nietzsche said on Zoroaster's tongue “Out of all that is written, I love only what a man has written with his own blood,” many of these writers offered themselves as sacrifices on the altar of human freedom, exposing the inhumane methods of the Israeli occupation and establishing all of this in the collective and individual memories of Palestinians.  

To view Mousa’s article in Idearabia (in Spanish), follow this link.