New study highlights need for Clinical Pharmacy roles in Palestinian health-care system

A team of researchers from Birzeit University’s Faculty of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Professions published an article titled “The acceptance and awareness of healthcare providers towards doctor of pharmacy (Pharm D) in the Palestinian health care system” in the Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal.

Leading the team were Dr. Hani Shtaya, an associate professor at Birzeit University’s Department of Pharmacy, and Mutaz Dredei, an assistant professor at the Department of Nursing. The team comprised of students Afnan Amira, Alaa’ Asrawi and Ni’meh Al Shami, who are all enrolled in the faculty’s Doctor of Pharmacy program (Pharm D).

Highlighting the importance of introducing patient-care-oriented specialties at clinics and hospitals, the researchers argued that a teaching a relevant specialty such as the Clinical Pharmacy

The study highlights the importance of a patient-care-oriented specialty titled Clinical Pharmacy, exploring its awareness and acceptance levels among health providers in Palestine. According to the researchers, this specialty, will improve therapeutic outcomes for patients and minimize medication errors. In the article, the researchers stressed the importance of integrating such a specialty in health-care settings and raising awareness thereof among health-care providers.

After conducting a cross-sectional study using a self-administered questionnaire, the researchers found that the majority of the targeted health-care providers had  moderate awareness levels towards Clinical Pharmacy roles. The  different awareness levels among health providers, the authors argue, are based on sex, profession and job description. The study showed that, through collaboration between the Ministry of Health, and interested doctors, the specialty could be integrated within the Palestinian healthcare system.

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