New project explores means for efficient wastewater management in Palestine

In line with the World Water Day, the Agriculture Development Association and Birzeit University’s Institute of Environmental and Water Studies launched on March 22, 2017 a project on innovative demonstration on sustainable integrated management of wastewater and reclaimed water use in the North of the West Bank, Palestine.

The 3-year project aims to manage rural wastewater and environment in a sustainable and socioeconomic manner, achieving self-sufficiency through the use of appropriate treatment technologies, solar energy supplement, a structured and phased permitting plan, and synergy with reuse elements and energy supplement.

The Vice President of Community Affairs at Birzeit University Asem Khalil said that the university full encourages the joint-work with the local community achieve greater knowledge outcomes that can contribute positively to the Palestinian community and the process of development.

The Director General of the Agriculture Development Association (PARC) Khalil Shiha talked about the long- standing relationship with Birzeit University, alluding to the part that social forces can play, if it is unified in the society. “At PARC, we are currently developing a program that aims at engaging students in a number of innovative projects that will prepare them for their future careers.”

The Director of the Institute of Environmental and Water Studies Rashed Al Sa’ed urged on the need to find ways to coop with the scarcity of water resources in Palestine due to the Israeli Occupation outrageous control. He pointed out the reusing and treating wastewater is one of the solutions.