Media Development Center’s course development experience released in Al Jazeera Institute’s Journal in Doha

The Media Development Center released a report regarding its work on developing six Journalism courses in collaboration with the Palestinian universities, in Al Jazeera’s journal in Doha.

The latest issue started by honoring the Palestinian Journalists who were martyred in the Israeli-genocide on Gaza. The introduction also discussed a systemized Israeli targeting of the Palestinian story, and the Palestinian journalists; providing a full blackout of their crimes in Gaza.

The latest issue contained Arabic and worldwide experiences on developing the teaching of journalism, which came after the Forum of Journalism Colleges in the Arab World in Doha, held a few days prior to the war, concluded without the participation of Birzeit and other Palestinian universities due to the ongoing war and blockades.

The report, prepared by Saleh Masharqeh the Research and Studies Coordinator, contained a preview on six courses the center held in coordination with 16 universities and 2 colleges that teach Bachelors in media and journalism. 64 scholars from the participating universities co-authored the courses, field reporters, and journalism experts. The release of these courses came as follows: Media and Gender (2016), Media and Law (2016), Media Ethics (2017), Economic Journalism (2020), Cultural Journalism (2020), and Investigative Journalism (2021). Each course was printed in 2000 paper copies that were distributed to the universities, while also being available online through this link:

The report also shed light on the professional diploma courses specialized in digital journalism released by the center in 2020 and ongoing.

The latest issue of the journal can be accessed through this link: