Math Professors, Students Share Knowledge at Annual Palestinian Mathematics and Physics Conference

The Department of Mathematics at Birzeit University participated in the Sixth Palestinian Conference on Modern Trends in Mathematics and Physics (PCMTMP-VI), held at Palestine Technical University Kadoori between August 5-8, 2018.

The conference discussed the recent trends in mathematics and physics by hosting distinguished local and international scientists, researchers, faculty members, and students. The conference, in its sixth year, included experts who were part of intensive research seminars in mathematics, statistics, and physics, and discussed the present situation of scientific research in Palestine, especially in math and physics.

The department was represented by its Chair Abdelrahim Mousa, as well as professors Mohammad Saleh, Hassan Abu Hassan, and Hind Sweiss. A number of master’s students in the Program of Mathematics also attended, including: Sundos Khalil, Fareeda Ghazawna, Ibaa’ Moghrabi, Kathem Badran, Jamil Rimawi, Marwa Qadah, Israa’ Abu Baker, Lina Sawalma, Shahd Hirzallah, Walaa’ Yaseen, Fidaa’ Shuman, and Sima Abul Rub.

University faculty and students also participated by presenting their research papers and scholarly work as follows:

  • Dr. Abdelrahim Mousa: Optimal Consumption, investment and life-insurance purchase under a stochastically-fluctuating economy
  • Dr. Mohammad Saleh:  Some open problems on weak-injectivity and weak-projectivity
  • Dr. Hassan Abu Hassan: Determinants of student success at Birzeit University
  • Hind Sweis: Solving local fractional Fredholm integral equation of the second kind with separable kernel
  • Batool Raddad: Dynamics and bifurcation of second-order rational difference equations
  • Iba’a Maghari: Strongly n-absorbing ideals in commutative rings and related topics
  • Walaa Yassen: Using symmetries to solve some difference equations
  • Farida Ghazawne: Dynamics of piecewise isometries
  • Sondos Khalil: Numerical results with economic implications of a continuous time model
  • Fedaa Shoman: A discrete game theoretical model

The scientific committee of the conference announced that the Seventh Palestinian Conference on Modern Trends in Mathematics and Physics (PCMTMP-VI), which will be held in 2020, will be held at Birzeit University.

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