Lecture Explores Independence of the Palestinian Central Elections Commission

The Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies (IALIIS) held on July 24, 2013 a lecture entitled: “Independence in the Palestinian Central Elections Commission’s Work,” delivered by the commission’s Director of the Media and Projects Department Fareed Taamallah.
Director Taamallah addressed the commission’s work mechanism."The CEC’s work is based on the Palestinian Election Law and its bylaws are derived from international standards,” he said.
“Independence, neutrality, professionalism and transparency are main milestones for its principles and policies adopted by the commission in the electoral process management." Taamallah added that the independence of the Central Election Commission stems from the elections law, which stipulates that the Commission is a financially, administrative and politically independent body and that all of its employees have pledged to work neutrally and with integrity.
Coordinator of the Forced Migration and Refugees Unit at the institute Raed Eshnaiwer said that this lecture is part of a series on independence and dependence in various political and economic fields.
The commission was established in October 2002 by the General Elections Law of 1995. The elections law issued on August 2005 states that the elections commission is “the supreme body that undertakes the management, supervision, preparation and organization of elections and to take all necessary measures to ensure its integrity and freedom.’’