Jerusalem artist debuts her paintings in exhibition at Birzeit University

Students who walked by the Faculty of Arts lobby on October 24, 2018, were treated to 25 beautiful paintings that embodied the spirit of Jerusalem and Palestinian life. These paintings are the work of Samah Yaseen, a Jerusalem-based artist who teamed up with the Deanship of Student Affairs at Birzeit University to showcase her artwork to the university community. 

The oil- and pencil-based paintings were varied. One of them portrayed an elderly Palestinian lady, clad in traditional clothing, looking over an orchard, and another the outline of Jerusalem, with its old stone and charm. As unique as they were from each other, the paintings were all united in their themes, which revolved around Jerusalem and Palestine. 

Samah, who began her art career at a very young age, said that the exhibition - entitled “A Dream” - was true to its namesake. “It’s truly a dream come true. While previously I’ve hosted one or two meet-and-greet events, this is my first official exhibition,” she excitedly told the clustering students.  

One of her paintings, shown below, is offered for auction, with 30 percent of the proceeds donated to the Student Fund at Birzeit University.