German Delegation Discusses Cooperation with Birzeit University

German Representative Office Cultural Attaché Christian Shaal and German Foreign Office Inspector General Hans-Seidt visited Birzeit University on March 16, 2015, and discussed future cooperation with President Khalil Hindi, Vice President for Academic Affairs Henry Giacaman, External Academic Relations Officer Dolly Kaibni and MA program in democracy and human rights director Helga Baumgarten.

Welcoming the group, Hindi talked about the dilemmas facing higher education in Palestine, most importantly the obstacles and financial crises from which Palestinian universities are suffering, and the difficulties in fundraising for education sector development. Hindi added that the West Bank and Gaza are witnessing challenges, including graduates’ difficulty finding jobs and the Israeli occupation and its regulations that prevent the entry of academics from abroad to teach at Palestinian universities as well as prevent Gaza Strip students from studying at West Bank universities.

Hans-Seidt expressed his country’s interest in supporting education in the Palestinian territories, and the need to strengthen relations between Birzeit University and German universities in various academic fields, especially humanities, Islamic and Arabic Studies, and archeology.