French consul-general visits Birzeit University, discusses strengthening cooperation

Our main mission is to continue our support for Palestinian youth by providing scholarships, offering fellowships for artists and expanding cultural exchange,” said René Troccaz, the French consul-general in Jerusalem, during his visit to Birzeit University, where he met University President Dr. Beshara Doumani and Vice President for Advancement Dr.Ghassan Khatib, on Monday, November 22, 2021.

Birzeit University has a strong, long-term partnership with both the Consulate General of France and the Institut Français in Jerusalem, cooperating on several important developments at the university, such as the establishment of the Institute of Law, the Faculty of Law and Public Administration, and the Department of French Language, and working together to offer varied exchange and study opportunities to Birzeit University students abroad.

In the meeting, Dr. Doumani traced the history of Birzeit University, discussing the milestones that made it the center of the national struggle against Israeli colonial practices against higher education. The university’s persistance against the Israeli occupation and commitment to the values of liberalism and democracy, he added, has made it a unique higher education institution where Palestinian youth can exercise their basic political rights and enjoy freedom of expression.

Reflecting on Dr. Doumani’s discussion, Troccaz lauded the cooperation between the French institutions in Jerusalem and Birzeit University, which, he said, has “a tragic glorious history and is still working to maintain its position as a top higher-education institution in Palestine.”

Dr. Doumani emphasized that Birzeit University is keen to maintain a balance between academic excellence and service to the community. “We strive to remain open to all possibilities in the future through maintaining existing connections with our international friends and supporters and building new ones, such that we can transcend all boundaries against education put by the Israeli occupation.”

Troccaz, in turn, stressed that through empowering youth with education and culture, a just and right answer for the Palestinian cause can be found