Firas Zaghal, management expert, discusses merits of strategic planning in public administration lecture

Firas Zaghal, chief executive of Dimensions Consulting Company, a Palestinian leading management consultancy firm, led a lecture on strategic planning in the management of non-profit civil organizations course, on Monday, October 22, 2018.  

Zaghal gave an overview of strategic planning and introduced students to the “Golden Circle” model of planning, through which organizations can communicate their differences to their audience more effectively and efficiently. 
Zaghal also presented real-life examples on the importance of effective leadership in concert with communication and discussed SWOT analysis - identifying and utilizing the strengths and opportunities of an organization while mitigating or countering weaknesses, or capitalizing on opportunities - within the context of strategic planning. 

The Faculty of Law and Public Administration hosts experts and officials in an effort to build bridges and establish channels of communication between students and decision-makers, giving students the space to explore topics with relevant experts and authorities.