Faculty of Arts Organizes Fourth Annual Open Day

The Birzeit University Faculty of Arts organized its fourth annual Open Day entitled: "Strong voices in support of comprehensive education." The event included a number of cultural, academic and art activities, as well as sports games devoted to those with disabilities in Palestine. It was sponsored by Diakonia.

The open day commenced with the Ramallah scouts band, followed by an address by the faculty dean, in which he pointed out that the aim of this day is to establish sustainable relationships with the local community and its institutions.

A representative of Diakonia said that the organization’s vision focuses mainly on people with disabilities, and that Diakonia seeks "to work with institutions and projects for disabled persons, and to develop an integrated system for dealing with disabled people.”

The open day included different activities by the faculty’s departments in addition to the physical education program and special activities conducted by the “Right to Education” campaign at Birzeit University.

Professor of geography Othman Sharkas described the geography corner, saying, “The geography booth presents the environmental geography of Palestine, a group of natural wild plants, an exhibition of rocks, maps and devices used at the department, in addition to a model that illustrates Israeli settlement expansion in Palestine and its impact on the Palestinian environment. "