Dr. Mustafa Abdelbaqi publishes a book titled: “The Administration of Criminal Justice in Palestine:Development, Reform and Challenges“

The book aims to assess the current state of the Palestinian criminal justice system and its administration, with regard to both law and practice, in comparison with systems in other developed countries. In parallel, it tries to explore the impacts of the different policies adopted by the PA over the last few years upon the criminal justice institutions. The book focuses on the different inside and outside challenges of the criminal justice system and suggests solutions. However, it would not immerse in pure administrative theory and concepts, but it would consolidate the theory with the practical perspective, which would aim to point out to the points of weakness of each of the Palestinian criminal justice organizations and maps up with the reform plans. It is hoped that this book furnishes legal society with practical recommendations for action to promote greater independence of the judiciary, increased access to justice, and better prospects for fair trials.