Department of Psychology at BZU holds a workshop on Hysterectomy for the girls with mental disabilities

The Department of Psychology at BZU held a workshop on 19 March 2011, entitled "Hysterectomy for girls with mental disabilities," which is a research by the student graduate Rima Khuffash, supervised by the psychology professor, Dr. Maurice Baqleh,. The workshop was attended by the Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Tamer Essawi, the University psychologist, Dr. Amal Dhaidl and the social worker, Mona Muhtaseb, as well as faculty and staff members.

The student Rima presented a definition of mental disability and special needs, , and then presented the results of her study, which focused on a group of families, whose daughters with mental disabilities have undergone hysterectomy.

Her findings showed that these families have done the operation for their daughters for several reasons: personal hygiene, to comfort the mother from taking  care of her daughter during the menstrual period, as well as to protect her daughter from pregnancy in case of rape.

On the other hand, several success stories were presented , and among the attendees were mothers of mentally disabled girls, who refused to do this operation for their daughters and preferred the continuous and intensive training for themselves and their daughters

At the end of the workshop, different views on the subject were discussed, and some recommendations were drawn for action to eradicate this phenomenon, especially after the decision of the Minister of Health to prohibit hysterectomy.