Conference Advocates for Student Movements in Palestinian Universities

The Birzeit University Student Affairs Deanship held on November 15, 2014 a conference that examined critically the role of student movements in Palestinian universities, particularly at Birzeit University.
Acting President Adel Zagha opened the conference by saying how important this topic is, and presenting his own experience as a Birzeit student in the late seventies.

Student Affairs Dean Mohammad Al Ahmad said that the aim of the conference is to allow dialogue between heads and members of former and current student councils, therefore helping future generations to develop student movements based on identified principles and objectives.

The conference consisted of three sessions, the first on the history and formation of the student movement at Birzeit University, the second on the “Status and Reality of the Student Movement at Birzeit University,” facilitated by the Palestinian Legislative Council member Khalida Jarrar, and the third on a vision for the future of the student movement at Birzeit and other Palestinian universities, including a unified constitution.

Participants said there is the need for student movements to participate in national, intellectual and cultural events, focusing on democratic education as a key factor in democratic student movement, They also recommended that the student movement play a societal role, continuing an active role in resisting the occupation, and they promoted a proportional representation system that achieves the participation of all student movement factions.