BZU students qualify for Palestine debate championship finals

Shaker Nairat and Yazan Al Hindi, two students in the Department of Civil Engineering at Birzeit University, have qualified to the finals of the First International Palestine Open Debate Championship, which was held at An-Najah National University on December, 28, 2017. The team qualified for the finals after competing with 16 teams from An-Najah, Al-Quds, Bethlehem, and Birzeit Universities.

The debates were held in the British Parliamentary style, whereby a subject is debated between a “Proposition” and an “Opposition” team. Sixteen teams comprising 32 students entered the championship, of which four teams qualified for the finals – two teams from An-Najah University; one team from Birzeit University; and one team from Al-Quds University.

“The championship is extremely important. It aimed to develop the language of discussion in Palestinian universities and strengthen the ability to accept a differing opinion and skills of constructive analysis. It also presented various topics and constituted a great opportunity for students to become acquainted with different cultures and systems of thought,” added Nairat.