Birzeit University Student Organize Memorial to "Abu Sreih"

Birzeit University students today held a memorial service for Issa Abed (Abu Sreih), who was shot and killed by an Israeli sniper during a demonstration in support of Palestinian prisoners last Friday.

Abu Sreih worked in the cafeteria at Birzeit University and was a leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). He was from Al Qaddura Refugee camp in Ramallah and had spent 7 years in Israeli prisons during the Intifada. He was released from prison in 1995.

Abu Sreih was a member of the Popular Resistance Committee (Martyr Yasir Abu- Ghoush Group), head of the Ramallah Area for the Union of Palestinian Progressive Youth and a founding member of the Popular Committee for Rejecting Normalization. His funeral on Sunday was attended by thousands of his friends and comrades from all over the West Bank.

Today's memorial was addressed by members of Abu Sreih's family, representatives of the Birzeit University student movement and the Popular Committee for Rejecting Normalization.