Birzeit University President, Bulgarian Representative to PA Discuss Cooperation

Birzeit University president Khalil Hindi received on June 10, 2014 Bulgaria’s representative to the Palestinian National Authority Svilen Bozhanov. The meeting was attended by Vice President for Advancement Ghassan Khatib, external academic relations officer Dolly Kaibni and professor of engineering Shadi Ghadban. The two parties discussed opportunities for cooperation and prospects for building fruitful academic partnerships.

Hindi expressed his deep respect for Bulgarian academic institutions as having a good reputation and distinguished graduates. Hindi briefed his guest on the university’s latest developments and future plans, emphasizing Birzeit’s interest in academic cooperation and exchange worldwide, which provides an opportunity for exchange of cultures and knowledge that benefits the teaching staff and students.

"Cooperation can be on several levels,” Hindi went on, “such as exchange of students and professors between Birzeit and Bulgarian universities, providing an opportunity for Bulgarian students to study the Arabic language and Palestinian history at Birzeit, as well as the possibility of cooperation in scholarship and research."

Svilen indicated that there are more than 5,000 Palestinian graduates from Bulgarian universities and that this could be a key for opening additional channels of academic exchange and cooperation.

Before ending his visit, Svilen toured the campus and visited the campus museum.