Birzeit University Participates in the Tunisia Integrity Forum

Professor Mayyada al-Badawi of the Birzeit University Faculty of Law and Public Administration participated in the Third Tunisia Integrity Forum, organized by the United Nations Development Programme on December 4-5, 2013 in Tunisia.

The forum, entitled, “A National Strategy for the Fight against Corruption: Stimulate Synergies,” sought to strengthen dialogue and consultation on anti-corruption strategies and initiatives.

The event was part of the International Day for the Fight against Corruption that is celebrated on December 9, 2013. That date was established by the United Nations to raise awareness about the dangers of corruption and the means available to stomp it out systematically.

"Our participation was intended to highlight the role of higher education in the anti-corruption strategies,” Badawi said,  “while presenting the university’s experience in the development of a course on integrity and transparency in the public sector for students of public administration.”

"Our participation has provided an opportunity to open communication channels between the Faculty of Law and Public Administration and the actors involved in fighting public and private  corruption in the Arab region and other parts of the world."