Birzeit University to Outfit Pharmaceuticals Building with Solar Energy

Birzeit University has started a new initiative to outfit the Samih Darwazeh Pharmaceutical Industries building with a solar electricity generation system, to be supplied by Synergy Company for Renewable Energy.

The deal for a solar energy system’s design, supply, installation, operation and upkeep was signed on March 2, 2015 by Birzeit University’s acting president Henry Giacaman and Synergy Company for Renewable Energy’s general manager Hasan Abu Libdeh.

Giacaman said that the agreement illustrates the university’s concern with developing the energy sector in Palestine, especially in light of ongoing difficult and deteriorating circumstances, and the increasing demand for energy. He said there is a need to search for alternative tools to mobilize the economy and use cheaper, renewable energy independently.

Giacaman also expressed his hope that this project will expand to include all university buildings soon.